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How can I get people to find my website? Why is my website not listed on Google? - just some of the questions we are asked on a regular basis. The answer is to have your website Search Engine Optimised.

What is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO? Simply, it’s the creation or modification of a website so that Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN rank the site as high as possible to ensure it ideally appears in position one on page one. If your website cannot be located on the first three pages of the 3 major search engines then it’s in need of optimisation.

With over 20 billion web pages and over half the world's population having access to the internet, the fight is on for each website to appear as high up the search engines first page as possible. Therefore having your website optimised to increase your chances becomes as important as having the website itself.

It’s important to mention at this point that no responsible company offering a SEO service will ever guarantee that they can put your site on top of the rankings. Do not fall into the trap of companies that promise your site will be #1, its all lies! There are many external factors that affect the search results, so guarantees are impossible but major improvements can be made.

Quality optimisation cannot be achieved in a one off exercise; it requires monitoring and adjusting over a period of time, the longer the time, the better. Our SEO service is for all our customers. if we have created or are creating a site for you or if you have an existing website, but feel the site is not reaching its full potential or it does not appear in search engines results, then Search Engine Optimisation is the next step to maximising your websites efficiency.

Below we briefly explain the service that ITsECPC offers its customers:

Stage 1

We review your existing site, analyse the competition and attempt to find your site using agreed keywords and phrases in the major search engines. Results are recorded; a report is generated outlining the findings, and our planned action. This gives us a benchmark to work from.

Stage 2

All initial action required is carried out. We access your website make all necessary changes and upload the amended site. (We hope you understand that explaining in detail the work we do, would not make good business sense).

Stage 3

The site is registered with all the major search engines and other sites that will influence the ranking.

Stage 4

Arrange to meet with you on a monthly basis (how many months depends on the package purchased, see below to discuss the success achieved so far and the forthcoming amendments. These changes will be driven by existing site statistics and reviews of searches via the major 3. We can set up Facebook, Twitter and Linkin Accounts for you and update these on your behalf.

Our Optimisation Services

Bronze Optimisation

This includes all the work outlined in stages 1-3, and allows for three monthly follow up meetings from completion of the site or completion of any planned action. Monthly appointments will be made to discuss the current status of the site, e.g. search engine results, are the keywords used correct, etc. All amendments are the actioned and the site monitored. Again a small report is generated outlining current progress.

Silver Optimisation

As above but covering a six month period.

Gold Optimisation

As above but covering a twelve month period.

Continuous Optimisation over a 12 month period can be arranged, please contact us for more details.

It would be lovely to offer a fixed price for these packages, but the reality is that not all websites are the same. Page quantities, a dynamic or static site, or e-commerce, can affect the time taken to optimise the site, and time is the chargeable factor.

In conjunction with the above services we can also put together Google Adword Campaigns that will seriously increase your leads and hopefully your profits.

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