GDPR - Get help with your website

The General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR as everyone knows it, has had or will have an effect on every business, no matter whether you are a sole trader or a big multinational.

Helping Your Business Lead The Way

The effect on the business varies dramatically depending on the type of business carried out, with whom and the size of the business. However there are a couple of common factors that relate to websites; Privacy & Cookie Policy and website security (little green padlock).

ITsECPC has spent several months now helping existing clients conform to the new regulations. This puts us in a good position to help other local businesses.

You may know that some changes need to be made to your site but for whatever reason you don’t know how to or don’t have access to your site etc etc

ITsECPC can help you write Privacy Policies and we’ll do all we can to help you access and update your website and ensure it’s a safe and secure environment for all your clients to visit.

GDPR Help and Support with your website - Newbury and Thatcham