Social Media Marketing

The Covid-19 world pandemic has driven the use of social media through the roof. People who have never used it have started.

Helping Your Business Lead The Way


More families and friends have turned to it and many more people have used it to express their opinions. You’ll also have noticed that the number of adverts shown is rising exponentially. We recognise that most businesses already have a social media presence. But many are not really maximising the opportunities that these powerful platforms can provide. At Up The Rankings we are specialists at Social Media Marketing for sole traders and small businesses.

Social media is designed for mass sharing. Social media affects the visibility of your content. That’s why it’s such an important part of search engine optimisation. Lots of people sharing your content on social media means it’s likely more people will link to it. These links in turn affect how your site ranks. That’s why social media presence management is so crucial in improving your ranking.  In fact, social media profiles are quite often in the top results in the search listings for brand names. You’ll have an indirect link to your website just from your social media. Not got any social media? No problem, we can set up accounts for you as well.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Working with you, we’ll plan and create strategic campaigns using our systems. We’ll research and produce targeted ads for your potential clients. We work with all the major social media platforms and produce planned and responsive content for a number of existing clients. We specialise in Social Media Marketing for sole traders and small businesses, so the content will be tailored around what you really want to tell your customers.

Our focus is on creating interesting and varied content that engages with your existing followers, whilst generating new ones. We realise interesting accounts have a variety of content. As a result we mix the content up. Posts will provide valuable information about your business, or information that affects your business. We’ll include interesting items related to your business and even try to make your followers smile every now and then. Our social media presence management is focused on engaging with your customers and potential customers.